Eric Brown

Eric Brown

Software Developer


My software has been sent into space, carried up Mt. Everest, and strapped to the head of an Indy 500 driver.

I founded a Web services company in 1998 and co-founded an IoT company in 2014 which ultimately got sold. I designed the Web-based medical monitoring system used by the two U.S. Navy hospital ships USNS Comfort and USNS Mercy (and was even awarded a challenge coin by the Comfort to prove it — a rarity for a civilian). I have helped develop training programs (and content) at two different companies.

I have over 15 years experience teaching at Boston University. I’ve also taught seminar classes, tech courses for senior citizens, and even AP classes for high school students.

For fun I create computer games, and am one of the authors of “Cragne Manor” (a collaborative effort written by 84 authors — I’ll be part of a panel of these authors talking about it at the upcoming NarraScope), and the Ultima homage “Minima” (written in the extremely restrictive PICO-8 environment, this game is presently nominated for two awards).

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