Eric Brown

Eric Brown

Software Developer


My software has been sent into space, carried up Mt. Everest, and strapped to the head of an Indy 500 driver. I’m involved with numerous open-source projects, was the creator of a 3D algorithm that’s now widely used, and was even the primary (or sole) inventor on a few medical device patents.

I founded a Web services company in 1998 and co-founded an IoT company in 2014 which ultimately got sold. I designed the Web-based medical monitoring system used by the two U.S. Navy hospital ships USNS Comfort and USNS Mercy (and was even awarded a challenge coin by the Comfort to prove it — a rarity for a civilian). At two different companies, I have helped develop training programs and content.

I have over 15 years experience teaching at Boston University. I’ve also taught seminar classes, tech courses for senior citizens, and even AP classes for high school students.

For fun, I create computer games and am one of the authors of “Cragne Manor” (a collaborative effort written by 84 authors), and the Ultima homage “Minima” (written in the extremely restrictive PICO-8 environment, this game was nominated for two awards). Similarly, I regularly participate in hackathons, with my annual involvement with “Hack-for-the-Sea” being of special note.

My interest goes into other areas, too, and I’ve got publications in topics ranging from local history to latent fingerprint analysis, and I founded an international ghost story contest.

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