The Conference at the End of the World


Antarctic Peninsula (from San Antonio, Chile)


Relive the Event!

Have you ever dreamed of visiting Antarctica?

What if there was a conference that could take you there?

AntarctiConf is a 4-day mastermind, mini-conference, and retreat onboard a cruise to Antarctica. The inaugural event took place in January 2020 and it is scheduled to take place every 5 years.


Several of us have attended and spoken at conferences on every continent in the world, except for Antarctica. So, we’d like to check off this bucket-list item while surrounding ourselves with a group of like-minded people.

In addition, making this a professional conference means that all expenses are business expenses for attendees, speakers, and sponsors.

What to Expect

4 Days of Content

With 4 full days of content, you’ll have plenty to do and learn at the bottom of the world!


Speak at the only conference in Antarctica, while having the trip of a lifetime.

Free food and drink!

On this amazing cruise on the Coral Princess your food and drinks* are included.

*Additional charge for specialty drinks.


The recently upgraded Coral Princess is a beautiful ship and a perfect way to visit South America and Antarctica!



The Venue

Our venue just happens to be your hotel as well.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is AntarctiConf?

AntarctiConf is a mini-conference that is taking place aboard a 16-day cruise to Antarctica on board the Coral Princess from Jan 5 to Jan 21, 2020.

Who can attend?

This conference is open to everyone. If you enjoy sharing your knowledge with others, learning from your peers, and marveling at the wonders of Antarctica, then this event is for you!

Why Antarctica?

The organizers of this conference are a group of international public speakers. We have spoken on every continent in the world except for Antarctica. In addition, there has never been a technology conference (to our knowledge) in Antarctica, so we decided to make history with this once-in-a-lifetime event!

Why a conference?

Many people will never see Antarctica in their lifetime because they don’t have enough of a “reason” to go. As a professional conference, this gives all participants a business case to make the journey to Antarctica. In addition, for the speakers, you’ll get to say you’ve spoken at a conference in Antarctica!

What will the conference entail?

We’re currently gathering feedback from our peers and interested parties to determine what format will work best for all participants. However, we’re currently planning to have presentations, workshops, ignite talks, discussion panels, small-group discussions, and a lot of opportunities to socialize.

What is the theme of the conference?

We’re currently gathering feedback to see which topics are most appealing. However, we expect the theme will involve technology, entrepreneurship, leadership, and self-improvement. We’re currently anticipating the overall theme of this conference will be to reflect on the future direction of our careers.

What will this conference cost?

This conference is free to attend, as each participant  (including speakers) will need to pay for their own flights and accommodations. The per-person cost of the cruise, with all-inclusive accommodations, is currently around $3000 (US). Upgrades to premium accommodations and all-inclusive alcohol packages are also available.

Can my spouse, partner, children, etc. come along?

Absolutely! Your family members are more than welcome to join us for the cruise. In addition, they’re welcome to attend or participate in the conference as well. However, please check with the cruise line for all rules and regulations regarding passengers and service animals.

No, really, I have kids…
There are wonderful activities for your littlest family members, both on and off the ship, and daycare is provided free for young kids and there are clubs for the older teens. 
Additionally, we will have planned events where we bring everyone together at mealtimes. Also, the ship has many educational presentations relating to Antarctica and the ocean. Not only will your family be able to come with you, they’ll be well taken care of. 
Why would you go in January?

Antarctica is warmest in January, so there is a small window of time that cruise ships travel there. This means that there were only three possible cruises to choose from in late Dec through mid-January. We chose the January 5th date to minimize conflicts with holidays and work/school schedules.

Isn’t Antarctica super cold?

In January, the temperatures on the Antarctic peninsula rise to 60° F / 15° C, and the weather is generally stable. It’s definitely much nicer than being in Des Moines, Iowa in the middle of January (e.g. 23° F / -5° C). Just dress accordingly and you should be just fine.

How long is the cruise?

The length of the sailing is 16 days.

While we recognize that it can be a long time to spend away from work or school, the overall cost is around 75% less than the shorter 7-10 day cruises in the same region. Additionally, our hope that we are giving you enough warning to plan for this once-in-a-lifetime event.

Isn’t 16 days a long time to be on a boat?

If you’ve never been on a cruise before, you might think this is a long time. However, many veteran cruisers (especially the retired ones) will tell you that they prefer longer cruises like this one. You’d be surprised how much there is to do and see on a cruise ship and at its ports.

What will I do for 16 days on a cruise ship?

There is so much to do on a cruise ship and its ports that the real question is, how will I fit everything into 16 days. Between the conference, excursions, sights, amenities, events, nightlife, and relaxation, it’s unlikely that you will find yourself struggling to find something to do.

How much time will I spend at the conference?

We want this conference to have a relaxed schedule. We don’t want it to be four days of intense back-to-back speakers with no downtime. So, we plan to have several activities spread out over the four days. We hope that the main activities will lead to lots of small-group discussions during the downtime.

How much time will I spend in Antarctica?

Due to environmental regulations, no more than 100 people can land on Antarctica at a time — so the ship itself will not be going ashore. We’ll be just offshore for 4 full days, close enough to see the wildlife (and people) on shore.

The ship is offering a day-long flight and landing excursion from Punta Arenas, Chile to land on Antarctica should you wish to do so.

Additionally, a separate excursion can be purchased from DapAir for around $7500USD pp pre or post cruise.

Will I have internet?
Internet on cruise ships is unpredictable and generally very slow. In addition, it’s also a bit expensive. You can use generally use your cell phone and mobile hotspots in port towns with wi-fi. However, it’s best to assume that you will not have access to internet for most of the cruise.
How will I last 16 days without high-speed internet?!?

If you don’t think you can make it 16 days without internet, then this is exactly why you need to go on a 16-day cruise without the internet. We’re so caught up in technology and social media that we don’t have time to reflect on what’s essential in our lives and careers anymore. Think of this as a time to disconnect and focus on the things that matter most… the bigger picture of our lives, our families, and our careers.

But, if you reaaaaaaally can’t disconnect, Princess Cruises has recently released their new MedallionNET service, which promises Unlimited Internet @Sea — perfect for uploading all those penguin selfies!

How on Earth do you plan to pay for this?

It’s surprisingly very expensive to put on a professional conference. This is why most professional conferences cost so much to attend. However, with AntarctiConf, most of the large expenses (e.g. food, venue, accommodations) are covered by your all-inclusive cruise package. The rest, we’re covering ourselves and with the help of a few sponsors and volunteers.

Can my company sponsor AntarctiConf?

Absolutely! We are interested in talking to anyone who is willing to help sponsor AntarctiConf. We plan to use any sponsorship money to help cover conference costs and provide speakers with a small gift for their efforts. If you’re interested, please visit our sponsorship page.

Can I volunteer to help out at AntarctiConf?

Yes, we’d love to have your assistance! If you’d like to participate in AntarctiConf but are not interested in public speaking or sponsoring, we have plenty of opportunities for volunteers. If you’re interested, please send us a message.

What expenses are you covering for speakers?

Unfortunately, we do not anticipate having a sufficient budget to cover travel and expenses for speakers. However, if we can secure enough sponsors, we would be happy to provide speakers with a stipend to help cover their costs.

Where can I learn more about the details of the cruise?

To learn more about the cruise itself, visit Princess Cruises.

Sun, Jan 5 — Santiago ( San Antonio), Chile
Mon, Jan 6 through Wed, Jan 8 — At Sea
Thu, Jan 9 — Punta Arenas, Chile
Fri, Jan 10 —  Ushuaia (Tierra del Fuego), Argentina
Sat, Jan 11 — Cape Horn (Scenic Cruising)
Sun, Jan 12 through Wed, Jan 16 — Antarctic Peninsula (Scenic Cruising)
Thu, Jan 16 — At Sea
Fri, Jan 17 — Falkland Islands (Stanley)
Sat, Jan 18 & Sun, Jan 19 — At Sea
Mon, Jan 20 — Montevideo, Uruguay
Tue, Jan 21 — Buenos Aires, Argentina

Are you serious?

Yes, we are legitimately making this conference happen! Even if it just ends up being a small group of 10 people, the organizers of this conference will be in Antarctica in 2020. We already have the first block of rooms booked and we are currently working with the cruise line for the remaining details.

What if you didn’t answer my question?

If you still have questions, please be sure to send us a message on our website.


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